panic herbal incense;Another great incense blend from Mr. Nice Guy, Panic isn’t here to make you panic for the non-sense but for something pleasurable. Panic comes with fluffy marshmallow leaves, making it an authentic product, as you can judge on its packaging, too. You will receive it without sticker labels, but its label is printed directly on the packaging.

Panic works for newbie and veteran incense blend collectors, especially to those looking to try something different than what they have been used to. And because it comes with a natural, raw aroma, you will enjoy it as itself, without special effects but pure aroma that can invigorate your senses and make you feel better about yourself and of the world. Contradictory to its name, Panic will make you feel calm and relaxed once its smell float in the air. Experience a totally relaxing scent like you never had before.panic herbal incense

Its effects kick in within a few minutes, and so if you were trying it for the first time, start low so that you can gauge how your body will react to its light effect. And best part is that you will not feel any hangover the next day, with symptoms including headache or nausea. What awaits you is a better look at life and your surroundings.

Panic herbal incense is only for aromatherapy and not for human consumption. You attest you are over 18 by buying this product.

If you have a question about this incense, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Strength: 3.5/5


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