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Order Annihilation Incense 2 Online;Annihilationism is the belief that unbelievers will not experience an eternity of suffering in hell, but instead be “extinguish” after death.

For many, annihilationism is an attractive belief because of the awfulness of the idea of people spending eternity in hell.

While there are some passages that seem to argue for annihilationism, a comprehensive look at what the Bible says about the destiny of the wick reveals the fact that punishment in hell is eternal

A belief in annihilationism results from a misunderstanding of one or more of the following doctrines: 1) the consequences of sin, 2) the justice of God, 3)  nature of hell.

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In relation to the nature of hell, annihilationists misunderstand the meaning of the lake of fire.

Obviously, if a human being were cast into a lake of burning lava, he/she would be almost instantly consum.

However, the lake of fire is both a physical and spiritual realm.

It  simply a human body being cast into the lake of fire; it is a human’s body, soul, and spirit.

A spiritual nature cannot be consume by physical fire.

It seems  the unsave are resurrect with  body prepare for eternity just as the save are (Revelation 20:13Acts 24:15).

These bodies are prepare for an eternal fate.


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